Castles and fortresses

A day tour around castles and fortresses of “Golden horseshoe”: Oleskyi, Pidhoretskyi, Zolochivskyi castles as well as Saint Vasylian monastery in Pidhirtsi will reveal their secrets to you. Who knows, maybe it’s you who’ll be lucky enough to meet mysterious White Lady or enigmatic Monk, wondering the streets of Zolochiv? Despite all of this, we’ll feel the greatness and power of the ancient past in the old walls of castle buildings.

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Bus tour through Lviv

Lviv is so much more than just sights located at Rynok Square neighborhood.

Our comfortable bus will take you for a ride through foretime architecture masterpieces like St. George’s Cathedral ( Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church). The church is one of the most striking pieces of Ukrainian baroque designed by architect Bernard Meretin on the hilltop of one of the highest hills in town.

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